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Unnatural Death by Dorothy L. Sayers

Posted by Amanda on June 8, 2009

So I suppose I should start with an acknowledgment that I clearly suck at keeping up with a blog. In light of the fact that I am several weeks now without a post and several books behind, I am afraid my next few entries will have to be a bit shorter than I might otherwise try to make them.   But I am going to keep trying and hopefully, anyone who actually reads this will have a bit of patience with how rare anything new shows up here. On to the story!

unnaturalLord Peter Whimsy, how I love you. You have a wit that sparkles and you make me laugh while I am reading so that other people around me give me weird looks. Which I could not care less about because you are cracking me up with some strange monologue, all done as you solve the crime. Who needs some silly Holmes character with an opium addiction, when I have you? (Actually, Mr. Holmes, I love you as well but you have to admit that addiction of yours does detract from your general awesome-ness…)

Unnatural Death is the third novel in the Lord Peter Whimsy series and in this installment, Lord Peter hears of a case where a woman has died, seemingly of cancer and he sets out to prove it was murder and then find out who did it.

While Unnatural Death didn’t really jump out as particularly great when compared with Whose Body? and Clouds of Witness (the earlier stories), it was still a fun read that I enjoyed. Lord Whimsy is highly British in his wit and sentiments and I love it. The mystery is a good one and, while it isn’t the best Whimsy story so far (you should definitely read the first two), I am still looking forward to collecting and reading the rest.



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