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The Hawk and the Jewel by Lori Wick

Posted by Amanda on April 27, 2009

hawkSo, occasionally, one just feels the need for a bit of fluff. It’s like candy. Not terribly harmful when it comes in small doses and it can be just the thing you are craving.

Romance novels, or for me, Christian romance novels, are candy. If you haven’t heard of Christian romance novels, it is basically the same idea. As far as the differences go the guy and the girl get married first, there are no descriptions of intimate scenes, and you occasionally have to put up with rather corny conversion dialogues (which I believe are 100% unrealistic, but what in a romance novel is supposed to be realistic?)

I figured that a nice piece of candy would be the perfect way to start off the Read-A-Thon and I was right. The Hawk and the Dove was a wonderful book for my needs. No real profound ideas. No high prose or literary prowess. Not even a terribly original plot. Just a cute story told in decently talented writing where the guy gets the girl after a sufficiently long period of misunderstandings. Which is exactly what one wants on occasion. I enjoyed this one, as I have the ones before it. I will probably go for another of Wick’s books the next time I have a craving for a little piece of candy. And then I will go back to being good and reading “nutritional” books. Goody.



One Response to “The Hawk and the Jewel by Lori Wick”

  1. mary beth said

    do you read much christian Romance? I like reading series do you have any recommendations. I like prairie type stuff

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