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Sign me up!

Posted by Amanda on April 15, 2009

deweys-readathonbuttonSo if you listen to the book blogging world at all, you have probably heard of the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon that a very cool lady by the name of Dewey came up with. During my previous blogging attempt, I actually participated in one of her Read-A-Thons (hereafter referred to as the RAT) and some awesome people have decided to keep the RAT alive in honor of Dewey. This Saturday, April 18th, at 1 GMT, or 8 am for me, the book blogging community will be courting sleep deprivation and lots and lots of books. So, I am signing up. I don’t expect to actually stay awake the whole time. I will be realistic and I don’t have the ability to do that – I didn’t even do that in college. Further, I will actually have to leave at one point for a previous engagement in the evening but other than that, I will be keeping my nose in the books all day with a bunch of other book blogging people and having a great time doing it.

As far as a reading list goes, anything in my TBR pile is fair game and I will also see if I can get a membership in the local library in time. I just moved here and so I still have to find the time when I am not at work and the library is actually open in order to get any books from there. Either way, I have no idea what I am going to read but we will come to that on Saturday.

I will also have to drop by the grocery store and grab some small snacks for me to munch on while I am reading. Hmmm… Lots to do but I am totally looking forward to it! See you then!


3 Responses to “Sign me up!”

  1. christina said

    Good luck and happy reading 🙂

  2. Vasilly said

    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Care said

    Good luck with the Read-A-Thon! May you read tons of pages, win some mini-challenges and have a ton of fun!

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